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My Life Back Home in the Bahamas


My name is Keenan J. Carroll (A.K.A DarkKnight232) 

I have lived all my life in the Bahamas.  I am now 17,
approximately 5 feet, 7 inches tall. I've got black hair 
and black eyes. Oh yes, and I love "Calvin and Hobbes".

Okay, i bet you are thinking that life in the Bahamas 
is like a LifeLong Vacation!

Well, You're wrong!

Okay,Okay, I'll admit that life is good in the Bahamas 
with the sun, sea and sand and everything, but that 
isn't all there is too life in the Bahamas.

Anyway, let's start from the top.  Growing up I went 
to St.Andrews School in the Bahamas, on the Island 
of New Providence.
It was a pretty prestigous school and all, but hey, after
all it's a school. Nobody really likes school.

Enough about my education.  

Aside from school, I did everything normal kids do, ride 
bikes climb trees etc.  

But most of all, I liked, no.... I LOVED, the beach.

That was where i spent most of my time.
In fact I still spend a lot of time there

I spent so much of my time 
at the beach, that you 
could call me a regular 
Beach Bum.

Anyway, besides spending 
time at the beach, I also 
like to snorkel, scuba
dive, and fish.

I get to do a lot of that 
because my famly owns a good 
sized boat.  We go out on 
the boat all the time.

Anyway, moving on.....

I like all kinds of music
except rock&roll, and country.

I have a great Boombox, however
I don't collect MP3's

Currently I am single.
(My last girlfriend moved to 
 Europe and we were forced to
 break up)

Also, I am away at college.
I go to Virginia Tech,
located in Blacksburg, VA.


And I guess that that's me
in a nutshell.